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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Day At A Thyme

So today I am considering the many benefits of White Thyme Essential oil. There is so much to learn about essential oils. I approach them one day at a time as various needs arise. When a need does arise I look to see what essential oils might be helpful and then uses them in a variety of ways.

Thyme with its official name, Thymus Vulgaris is the oil we are looking at today. It is made into essential oil through stem distillation of the leaves and sometimes flowers. It is an evergreen shrub that is part of the mint family.  It has a warm and spicy scent.

There are plenty of articles on the web that discuss the vast variety of benefits for various essential oils. What I have found people to struggle with is how to practically use them in their daily life. So I will refer you to links for more research and try to pull together some of how I go about using essential oils in a day to day way.

 A need arises: When a need arises I no longer run to the pharmacy or to over the counter medicine in the cupboard. I look first to see what essential oils and herbs might be helpful. Today I was looking up essential oils that might help with hormonal imbalance. Having suffered yet another migraine yesterday and noticing they seem to be happening about the same time each month. I am considering the possibility that they may be hormonal. I have up to now thought they might have been diet or sugar or stress related and am coming to the conclusion that no matter how clean my eating may be they are still happening on a fairly regular basis. I am not one who is quick to run to the doctor for a 15 minute office visit and a silver bullet prescription. I look first for natures remedies and trust that my body wants to heal itself.  My job is to find out how to best help it in that process. I believe that we were given these bodies and it is our job to care for them. That may mean seeking professional medical care or further study in natural ways to help heal. Often times one must make lifestyle or dietary or supplement changes to assist the body in natural healing. In my case I discovered that Thyme, Clary Sage and Sandalwood could all be helpful in balancing hormones. So I am going to try using them daily for a month to see if it makes a difference in this migraine situation. I'll get back to you on how it goes.
I am trying them using a patch made from a bandaid, a little carrier oil and up to 5 drops of essential oil. In this case I will apply this patch above the pubic bone. You could for digestion place it on the stomach, respiratory issues place it on the chest. Memory or headache or stress at the back of the neck. Patches have a lot of possibilities.

Later Note: They did make a big difference I have been able to catch the early stages of these tension/ migraine headaches and turn them around before they have gotten out of hand.

Another need that arose recently was that my son was looking for something to help him with memory and mental focus. He likes to apply the essential oils to his diffuser necklace. Turns out red thyme is helpful as a memory booster and anti depressant.

We have a room diffuser that is a great way to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils. I also make blends in little bottles with carrier oil for my family with oils that are helpful for what ever they are dealing with.

You might also consider using it as a cleaning product since it is a powerful as a anti-bacterial, and has anti-fungal and microbial benefits.  According to Mother Earth Living, you can make the following surface cleaner using essential oils. "Surface cleaner: Add 7 drops lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, clove, thyme, pine, grapefruit or oregano oil to 2 cups of water. Spray on surfaces." You don't have to use every oil listed there you might make your surface cleaner just with White Thyme and Pine. Many of the oils have overlapping benefits. In this case many of these are anit-bacterial, anti-fungal and anit-microbial making them good choices for a surface cleaner.

Healing Benefits:

Thyme essential oil contains crystalline phenol ‘thymol,’ a powerful antibiotic and disinfectant that enhances the immune system and helps to fights infection. 

•Reduces pain from sore muscles and joints, 
• Fights inflammation, 
• Cleansing, purifying, fights viruses, 
• Helps reduce itching with insect bites, 
• Relieves coughs, 
• Helps Headaches, 
• Helps poor circulation, 
• Fights odors, 
• Assists in recovery of wounds, and itching.
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